Sciensation is an organization which works with the ambitious goal of scaling the MIT/Harvard/IISERs kind of education to more schools/colleges. We look forward to hiring young college students who can mentor school students and in turn experience research-based learning, which is at the moment practiced only in the world's best universities and a handful of institutions in India.

Our methodologies have helped in getting 4th graders to present Evolutionary Design Thinking projects and in getting 6th graders to do a skit on Differential Calculus ( ). A University of Michigan educated CEO parent had given an amazing testimonial describing why Sciensation would be the future of school education- with cross functional expertise coming into the classroom (

Great minds + Great ideas = Great Thinkers!.

Scroll down to understand the application process and some literature about Sciensation.

Team Sciensation
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Why Apply
Improve your chances of getting into your dream company or dream university by working for the cause of research based learning, through proven pedagogy. This helps you in unlearning and relearning using methologies inspired by world's best universities like MIT/Harvard/IISERs

1- Ability/Aptitude: improve your understanding of Mathematics/Language/Critical Thinking using Sciensation Philosophy approach
2- Leadership skills: Gain quality work experience from one of the most promosing education companies in India
3- Community Citizenship: Make the world a better place to live in, by spreading research based thinking
4- Experience Socratic Dialogues, philosophy and methodologies to help you think deep

How to Apply
0- Go through the content on to understand the methodology.
1- Fill the application below, use this link in case of any problems
2- Go through any one event questionnaire and one worksheet, to understand Sciensation.
3- Send a one page write-up describing your understanding of the internship and why you're applying.

Profile Evaluation Criterion
1- Background Research- to understand Sciensation system of learning.
2- Passion- Is the candidate bringing in new ideas to the table
3- Clarity of thought- Why this internship, is he/she clear?
TEDx talk of Mr Tarun, Founder,
"How my passion for teaching made me turn down IIT/IIM"

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