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Sciensation is an organization which has been witnessing growth through the last three years. The concept has secured acceptance and a cult following in quite a few schools of Hyderabad. This provides the opportunity for individuals with the capability to Individuals prioritizing growth and role over the annual package. Sciensation being a growing startup provides opportunities for ambitious perfomers to create societal impact besides rapid career growth.

Workplace- the environment and peers play a very crucial part in shaping one's career. Sciensation consists of passionate individuals seeking very ambitious short term goals. Brainstorming with such people and aligning a few goals along with them, will help in setting yourself up for the next big thing in your career.

You'll have to complete a few tasks, to complete your application procedure. You'll have to send us a one page writeup, a powerpoint presentation and a one minute video to, as specified here- might want to study the detailed Job Description here

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