Sciensation conducts monthly Socratic Dialogue competitions to get students exposed to diverse topics. Students receive more points for "interesting wrong answers" than for "correct answers". Sciensation is the only organization at the global level to base it's competition content on ideas from Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Mathematics. It is thus not surprising that students have presented ideas which one expects only from working professionals. Checkout the event questionnaires to understand's content benchmarks.

DeepTech Leadership(Sciensation'18)
Education as Thought Leadership (Teachers Day 2019)
Pedagogy Renaissance Dialogue(Teachers Day 2018)
Literature Socratic Dialogue 2019 (HLF 2019)
Literature Socratic Dialogue 2018 (HLF 2018)
Polya Robotics Dialogue 2018
History and Philosophy of Science, Maths and Language (Sciensation'17)
Hack your MVP 2017
Idea of India 2019
Idea of India 2018
Idea of India 2017
Idea of India 2016
Construe the Constitution 2017
Construe the Constitution 2018
Construe the Constitution 2019
Economics and Demonetization (Sciensation'16)
Remembering Steve 2017
Ramanujan Mathematics Dialogue 2017
Extrapolate | Future of Education 2016| Student Research Conference
Aarohan | Hyperloop | BITS Pilani 2018
Evolution of Emotions 2017
Ethics and Social Justice 2017
Sciensation 2014
Sciensation 2013
Sciensation 2012

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