Siya is a success story of Sciensation AfterSchool classes. She now takes interest in Mathematics after she was shown that Mathematics is also a creative subject, like her favorite subject History. Her story is very simmilar to that of Salman Khan's neice Naida who was very creative, yet couldn't figure out some simple questions in Math. These creative students love the artistic presentation of Mathematics, in contrast to the robotic style employed by most schools/teachers. The results are out there, Siya led the team which did a skit on Calculus, see it for yourself!

Sciensation AfterSchool are a research-based learning replacement for tuitions. Students come into the class, by themselves, usually 15mins early, as they enjoy the learning process at Sciensation. We cover curriculum topics, we follow the school's curriculum and personalize the journery for every student (teacher to student ratio is 1:5). The Calculus Kids skit demonstrates the conceptual clarity of our students. Drop in to one of our centers for a demo-class.

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