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Dassehra Camps

Young CEOs Summer Camps 2018 Presention
Young CEOs Summer Camps 2018 Brochure
Pen paper Summer Camp Details
These are pure case study discussion/dialogue based summer camps (Pricing: Rs500/Rs1500/Rs2500 for 1day/3day/5day)
Activity Summer Camp Details
They involve activity/idea execution besides the case study discussion (Pricing: Rs4500 for 5days)
Strategy Summer Camp Details
Students would build their own models/wire frames around a Tech/Business theme (Pricing: Rs 6500 for 5days)
Young CEOs Summer Camp- Students would build their own techn model and a business model around it, prototype and evolve the idea in a Hackathon format (Princing: Rs9500 for 10days)

Learning by Questioning Curriculum