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Step Zero: Scroll and Fill the form below.
(Please see the above video to understand the recruitment process better)
Note: You are required to submit three assignments, scroll below to see the assignments

Assignment One: Writing assignment, to test your understanding of documentation.

Assignment Two: Writing assignment , to test your understanding of structured thinking. You are required to analyze the design of a quiz

Assignment Three: Writing summary, to assess your self awareness, clarity of thinking and purpose.

Assignment Submission Form: Using this link to submit all three assignments


We reward effort rather than outcome, so relax and have fun with your assignments, which shall hopefully trigger a process of evolution within.
We evaluate your ability to figure out stuff on your own, through these tasks. Besides your knowledge
(which we can see through your writeups), we would like to check your problem solving skills.

Instructions for Assignment One
Read the two documents and send a writeup.
In the writeup, you can summarize what you've understood from the two documents.

Instructions for Assignment Two
We would like you to think about the questions, answers and write a report about them.
In your report, we would like you to analyze the questions- why it was asked, what is was trying to test.

Instructions for Assignment Three
Send us a one paragraph summary of your introduction
Tell us your educational background, short-term goals, long-term goals,
also why you're applying to this volunteering opportunity

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