Education Curriculum Disruptor

Education Curriculum Disruptor shall develop Structured/Deep Thinking worksheets as per Sciensation guidelines and shall evolve/fine-tune the content by implementation in Sciensation partner-schools.

Sciensation is scouting young rebels who can un-learn, re-learn and help in bringing out a research revolution, for the next generation of thinkers, impact-makers, and champions of change. We hire young minds with strong analytical thinking, spontaneity in brainstorming and documentation skills, to be a part of our consulting assignments as well as publishing projects (full-time in Hyderabad, as well as work from home part-time).

Organization Introduction is into Textbook Publishing and nurtures thought leaders out of school children by exposing them to Philosophy so they could extrapolate out of textual contents into inter-disciplinary real-life problem-solving. Sciensation is the only organization at the global level, to work on Philosophy of Science/Maths/Language at the school level. Sciensation is a partner of IIIT Hyderabad's Anusaaraka Research Lab, which is into NLP Research and helps the lab in fine-tuning their modules into a child-friendly mode.

Recruitment Process
Level One: Documentation Faculties: Ability to articulate insights within reports.
We assess this through a writing assignment
Level Two: Structured Thinking: Ability to synthesize procedures and think within structures.
We assess this by asking you to tweak a structured process.
Level Three: Spontaneity in brainstorming.
We assess this through a telephonic interaction

These two questionnaires show you the role of open-ended questionnaires and leading questions in education. The objective is to get children to beyond the robotic one-correct answer using one method into creative- perspective and dialogue-based mode of education.

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